We manage all aspects of your project

Each construction project we take on is given due consideration in terms of timings, budgets and expectations. Niall or Frank, or perhaps both, will meet with you to go through all aspects of the job in order to determine the main focus points of the project and to identify any potential issues the project may hold and how to overcome them efficiently. A major policy of our work ethic is that we only take on one project at a time in order to give all our attention to the job at hand.

We offer a ‘Turn-Key’ solution

Choosing a builder for your new home or building is no easy task and should be given plenty of though. We understand this and have the expertise and experience to see your project through to the end as smoothly as possible.

We offer a full service, delivering a turn-key home. We will handle all aspects of the design, project management, groundwork, brickwork, plumbing, joinery, decorating, electrical, flooring and fit out using teams of directly employed tradesmen and specialist associates.

From the very start of the project, we will endeavour to make sure that all aspects of the job are meticulously planned and executed on time and on budget.


Home Extensions – Finding your homes big potential

Everyone dreams of a bigger home and extending your home, rather than moving, can make a lot more financial sense. Obviously there are restrictions from one house to another but most of the time there is a lot of potential that you might think originally. Building technology has moved on considerably in the last decade providing new solutions and options and we intend to deliver some of these to our customers in an effort to deliver on that dream.

Extending your home is going to make living in your home a lot better but there are down sides to consider also – having construction work done on your home can bring quite a lot of inconvenience and disruption. We always work to limit this by sticking rigidly to a project plan and timeline.

Our ultimate goal is to complete your extension in an agreed time, on an agreed budget and also to keep our customers happy along the way.


Home Renovations – Out with the old and in with the new

Trying to renovate an old home can seem like a very daunting task, it’s hard to see past some of the age old decor and furnishings in an old home and try to imagine a modern home in it’s place. It is a difficult leap of faith to take but many of our previous customers have expressed a real sense of achievement on completion of such renovations… it can be well worth the effort.

We offer a full home renovation service that includes design, construction, plumbing, electrical, flooring, tiling and everything else you might require. We employ the best tradesmen available and use the most sophisticated methods and technology to deliver a revitalised home for your pleasure.

We are always available to talk about your project and you are under no obligations to commit until you are ready to do so. We’d love to hear from you so give us a call!


Commercial Refurbs – A fresh look

Some businesses premises have a lot more footfall going through them than your average home, so it’s not surprising that this is a very active market for us. We have extensive experience refurbishing commercial properties all around Leinster, from cafes to museums and referrals of our work has given us a reputation of excellence and professionalism in the industry.

We particularly enjoy the challenging nature of this type of work and are alway keen to survey a potential project. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project.


Our intention at ION is to stay abreast of the trends, keep up-to-date with energy efficient products and practices and deliver these as options to our customers. Avoiding high energy costs is nearly always a main concern of each of our customers and as such we lean heavily on products and finishes that advance towards that goal.

Construction work has a bad reputation for running over on financial budgets. We believe that proper preparation and scoping of the project will vastly limit the chance of this happening and as such, we build this into our prep work on all jobs. On any consultation with Niall or Frank, you can expect them to try and nail this area down considerably at an early stage and this makes for a reliable and relaxed relationship between ourselves and the client throughout the project.

As well as finance, timing is also of huge importance to our clients… and indeed ourselves. There are plenty of reasons a project can run over on time and sometimes these are out of control of all parties involved but again, with proper preparation and planning, these can be reduced to a large degree and you will note that we are always keen to keep to a deadline.

After each project is completed, naturally there will be some minor issues that we have to come back and address – drying-cracks, painting touch-ups etc. This is not something we dread, in fact, we are keen to handle them asap and keep our client satisfied. We are also well aware of how ‘word of mouth’ works in our small country and know that a well finished project will attract more custom for ION so it is also in our own best interest.